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It is a widely accepted fact that we humans have developed aversion towards bugs. However we can tolerate occasional bug which wanders inside our house. All are common pests are as compared to cockroaches very easy to handle. One of the reasons these bugs are easy to get rid of are because they are very easy to kill without much fuss. But a cockroach crawling across the floor or wall is a completely different matter altogether. To kill a cockroach is a whole new ball game as they are resistant to most of the human attacks. However, its presence should also get your attention; keep in mind there usually isn't just one. Life is well until the cockroaches invade.


Summer has almost come to and winter is almost upon us. Its that time of the year when we feel that we have got complete riddance from mosquitoes. Sure, securing our houses from any signs of mosquitoes is quite a daunting task and its never easy to be completely free from these disease inducing insects as they seem to be completely resistant to every insecticide available in the market. Just remember, The notion that mosquitoes hibernate during the winter is an age old myth and the misconception about mosquitoes that they die during the winter is an even worse myth. Mosquitoes are quite adaptable creatures and its very difficult to cope up in their presence and even more difficult to get complete freedom from them.


Even though rodents may appear cute, But rodent infestation is nothing to smile about. Apart from causing damage to the house and being a nuisance, a rodent infestation can be a serious health hazard. Rats and mice are both notorious for causing diseases and creating several health hazards.

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