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Suraksha Pest Control has been gaining expertise in pest control ever since we were founded in Nepal in 2009. We have built up extensive knowledge of the lifestyle, habits and vulnerabilities of all types of pests that can affect your business. We have also developed technical expertise in dealing with them – from exclusion and detection, to capture, identification and elimination.

We use organic chemicals which is hazard free and we have over the years debunked the common myth which is often associated with pests that they are harmless during the winter season as they go for hibernation which is not true. Insectile pests such as Cockroaches give birth during the winter season and they pose a serious threat to people and during this season our services are in even higher demand.

Pest Control Service in Nepal

For a healthy living, every home requires pest control services now and then because these pest comes with no forewarning. They make their home in any place, residential buildings, industrial sites, and urban areas. From our health to our living area they affect everything. They contaminate our foods, damage structural timbers, chew through fabrics or infest stored dry goods. They carry diseases, causes economic loss or causes some kind of nuisances; the problem is worldwide, which makes pest control services in Nepal more prominent.

Pest Control in Nepal is widely needed, but instead of calling for service and experts, people use it by themselves, without knowing anything. Thus to support healthy living, Suraksha Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies in Nepal. Pest control services in Nepal is yet to gain the wide acceptance, and with a wide array of services that serves home, industries, departmental stores to every needed house there is, Suraksha Pest Control is here to help eliminate the pests.

We have all kinds of services for exterminating pests and here are some of the prominent services we have for pest control in Nepal.

In our decade long existence of providing service, we are proud of serving the best quality pest control assuring their health and hygiene. We are also glad of our clients who are different from background including houses, media houses, departmental stores, hospitals, hotels and clubs, residential complex, restaurants, NGOs and many others.


We carefully conduct a home pest inspection of your property looking for potential entry points and signs of pest activity that are often difficult to detect. This comprehensive pest and termite inspection is the only way to determine the real root of a pest problem, as well as the best way to solve it.


Suraksha Pest Control is Government licensed, and insured. We have a team of highly energetic, professional and qualified people. We understand your expectations, and our trained staff is here to help. We make sure we take care of your pest problems in quick and effective manner and provide you with best pest control service, to help you cope with these unwanted situations without any stress. We care and we are here to protect you and your family from harmful effects of pests.


We are very efficient in exterminating pests as we understand that pests can be a big nuisance as they infest the households very quickly and are carriers of life threatening diseases. Our staff is highly trained to tackle all pest related issues and is highly equipped to deal with all kinds of vermin. We are the providers of Best Pest Control Service in Nepal.

Our Pest Control Services

We provide top class pest control services. We use chemicals all approved by government of Nepal to ensure the safety of humans and animals.

Pest Control Services In Kathmandu Nepal


We offer a wide array of services in exterminating pests and here are some of our prominent services.

pest control in Nepal-cockroach

The General pest control service includes spraying pesticide in the entire premises and surroundings where pests thrive in the places such as Bathroom , Kitchen, Pantries, Drainage, Toilets, and other vulnerable areas. This service will cover general insectile pests like Cockroaches, Bed bugs, flies, ants and mosquitoes.

Rodent control in Nepal

Rat and mice eat and contaminate food at homes, offices and other places. These rodents are the leading cause of plague as they breed at a very high rate and cause destruction by damaging clothes, furniture, shoes, carpets , telephone wires and other house hold items. We put remnants of food laced with dry chemicals in the places where these rodents breed and after they consume this poisonous chemicals they get drugged, leave the house and die.

termites control in Nepal

It is generally seen in offices that not only timber is susceptible to damage but also walls covering and buildings content made of cellulose are equally in danger of these pesky termites as they chew these materials to reach wood and allied cellulose materials even if they do not have any food value.

Termite control in kathmandu nepal

Wooden buildings, timber, and other structures are in continuous threat of termites. These termites erode wooden structures in a blink of an eye. Breaking contact between the soil and wood content of the building is the primary method of combating termites.

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